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How to Operate 30 Million College Students to Be Awesome?

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How to Operate 30 Million College Students to Be Awesome?

That is to say, 80% of college freshmen in 2017 have downloaded the Super Schedule app. For example, during the school opening season in September this year, almost every application market has opened a “School Start Topic”. The format Changsha Mobile Phone Number List of the theme. Also, is similar, but they all point to the same APP – Super Curriculum Schedule. The top ten application markets all bring super course schedules, including oppo, vivo, Huawei, application treasure, Meizu market, 360 market, pp assistant, Xiaomi market, Anzhi market and Lenovo, and even the hot search of the app store was picked up in early September. The super class schedule takes over.

The flyer conversion rate of the super class schedule can reach 12%

What kind of flyer is more likely to be accepted by students? Traditional operations like to stuff DM lists with product introductions. Such DM lists usually don’t survive for 3 seconds in the hands of college students. In practice, we found that for a walking. Also, college CMO Email List student, even if the welfare of the DM order is increased, they will still refuse. Through the observation and analysis of new and old users of college students through big data, we can obtain the needs of college students at various time points in their four-year college career, and know when to conduct content marketing for what kind of users. Therefore, in order to ensure sufficient brand exposure and conversion, we thought of cooperating with 400 key.

With traffic, users have, but good products are the key to retaining users

Changsha Mobile Phone Number List
Changsha Mobile Phone Number List

Today’s super timetable app is no longer a small timetable. Also, tool application, it is also an application that integrates university tools, campus social interaction, and life. In the past few years, we have generated 37.0849 million campus gossip information, with a total of 196 million comments and participation. On the super class schedule platform, your appearance can be evaluated and graded by your classmates. There are 337,000 beautiful women with a face value of more than 8 points, 185,000 handsome guys with a score of more than 8 points, and a total of 120,000 classmates. I have recorded my own music cover in the Maiba section.

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