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Antonio Maura, adoptive son of Elda poland telephone directory

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Antonio Maura, adoptive son of Elda poland telephone directory

On a Friday, September 2, 1904 , 114 years ago today , the council of the poland telephone directory new and brand-new city of Elda appointed Antonio Maura, president of the Council of Ministers , as “Adoptive Son of the City of Elda”. In August 1904, and in recognition of Elda’s industrial and commercial contribution to the national economy derived from the spectacular development of the footwear industry during the last two decades, Alfonso XIII signed poland telephone directory the concession to Elda of the title of city, as well as in previous years it had been granted to neighboring Castalla (1890), Monóvar (1900), Novelda (1901), etc.

In gratitude for the granting of the title and category of city to the former ” town of Elda ” in August 1904, the Elda city council, meeting in plenary session and chaired by José Joaquín González Amat, agreed to declare poland telephone directory Antonio Maura Montaner, at the time , president of the government , as adopted son of the city of Elda. Antonio Maura y Montaner (1835-1925) was one of the key conservative politicians of the early 20th century. Although coming from the Liberal Party, with which he even became Minister of Overseas and Grace and Justice, he ended up as a poland telephone directory member of the Conservative Party, which he led between 1903 and 1913; reaching the head of government on five occasions. He advocated a ” revolution from above ” to regenerate the institutions and combat the oligarchy and caciquismo, as endemic evils of Spanish politics poland telephone directory linked to political turnism between liberals and conservatives.


It seems that the rise in the urban range of Elda was achieved thanks cmo email list to the efforts made by José Joaquín González Amat, mayor of Elda (1904-1909) for the Conservative Party , during Antonio poland telephone directory Maura’s visit to Alicante in May 1904, when As the government entourage passed through the railway station, the president of the government was received in Elda with cheers and displays of affection, in the face of protests or indifference in the poland telephone directory rest of the stations through which the government train passed.

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