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Alcoholism and the world of work. An incapacitating disease

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Alcoholism and the world of work. An incapacitating disease

In this article we are going to treat alcoholism as a disease that causes Social how to get indian number Security benefits, specifically it can give the right to the recognition of a Total and even Absolute Permanent Disability. It is the Social Courts and Superior Courts that have been establishing a series of criteria that can be individualized to how to get indian number each specific case, to deny or grant it in any of these degrees.Why don’t you stop now? -I can’t stop now, if you go up to a merry-go-round, you have to go all the way around (…) Give me another drink. At night everything is a drink, in the morning it is medicine . ”

Dialogue of a scene from the movie “Days without a trace” whose how to get indian number original title is “The lost weekend”, directed by Billy Wilder in 1945. Until then alcoholism in the cinema had been treated very superficially, giving the characters certain attractive and intellectual air and building stories of losing protagonists, lonely, tough guys punished by life, although from another point of view it has also been treated as something comical, “drunk” characters how to get indian number that amused the viewer. But never before has alcoholism been approached as a disease that destroys the person and everything around him, causing tremors, cold sweats, fear and even delirium tremens. In short, this film does not embellish the how to get indian number alcoholic at all, which at the time led to various criticisms and rejection by a certain audience.


In Total Disability, the worker suffers from a disease that causes a series cmo email list of limitations for which he cannot carry out the essential activities of his usual work activity and he is entitled to receive a benefit equivalent to 55% of the Regulatory Base . That percentage rises by 20% upon reaching 55 years of age, which in the legislation how to get indian number is called Qualified Total Disability. We see that the degree of disability depends on the degree of limitation that the disease causes in the patient, that is, in the event that the disease limits all work activity, it would be affected by an absolute disability and, in the event how to get indian number that it limits the activities that you carry out in your usual job, would belong to total disability.

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