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Ababol and Mardán buy mobile phone online in italy

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Ababol and Mardán buy mobile phone online in italy

Continuing with our immersion in Eldense speech, this week we are buy mobile phone online in italy going to remember a word that, unfortunately, is falling into disuse: ababol (poppy). The younger generations may not have heard it, and the older generations may have heard it from older people. Its etymological origin leads us to the peninsular Latin “papāver” and in turn this was influenced by the Arabic word “habb”, which means seed, thus forming the new Hispanic Arabic buy mobile phone online in italy word “happapáwr (a)”. The RAE considers the  ababol voice of eastern Spanish.  Ababol reaches us, through the medieval Navarrese-Aragonese romance, since during the Middle Ages this word is spreading from Aragon towards the south, being able to find it in areas of Albacete, Murcia, Valencian Community, and even it reaches the Catalan lands that share a buy mobile phone online in italy border with Aragon, although in general Catalan they use rosella to name the poppy.

We can therefore consider the word ababol as typical of the traditional Eldense speech since, due to historical facts of conquests and borders, it reaches us directly. The meaning of ababol , as we buy mobile phone online in italy mentioned at the beginning, is that of ‘poppy’ ( Papaver rhoeas), a herbaceous plant with large red flowers, dark seed and firm stem, whose uses can be varied. Due to its medicinal properties it is used to alleviate buy mobile phone online in italy conditions such as insomnia, colds, coughs, etc. Another way of using the ababol takes us to the stove, its seeds being highly appreciated for making pastries and culinary dressings. There is another meaning for ababol and it is that of ‘absent-minded, simple, dumb person, buy mobile phone online in italy with little spirit or little intelligence and wit’.


Having seen what I have seen, I am glad if they ever tell you: “you have an ababol face” . cmo email list In one of the images that illustrate this article, we see an animal that in general Castilian Spanish is known by the name of ram, ‘the male of the sheep left as a stallion’. Have you ever heard expressions like the following in Elda ?: As we buy mobile phone online in italy can see, in Elda we use the word mardán to refer to any animal or large or stout person and also, in a pejorative sense, to someone who is constantly lounging. In Catalan, especially Western, there is the voice mardà and in Aragonese mardano, although in certain valleys of the Pyrenees of Aragon it is also said mardán. All these words are equivalent to the Castilian ram, and in addition to their correct use to buy mobile phone online in italy name the animal in question, they are also used figuratively to refer to any animal or stout person, as in Elda. These Pyrenean words reach us in the southern lands after the Christian conquest. The cagaldero mardán may be an adaptation of the Valencian mardà or may have entered via the Aragonese route, although it is possible that both buy mobile phone online in italy origins have concurred. Presumably the ancient shepherds of Elda called mardán to the male of the sheep and this word has persisted lexicalized until today with the figurative sense that we have mentioned.

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