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A customs office for Elda buy mobile in malaysia

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A customs office for Elda buy mobile in malaysia

The year 1820 was already facing its final stretch. It had been several buy mobile in malaysia months since the constitutional system had been restored after the uprising, led by Rafael Riego , of the troops stationed in Andalusia destined to quell the insurrection in the American provinces. The new liberal government had the necessary political conditions to undertake the Public Finance that had been pending after the abolition of the constitutional system in 1814 by Fernando VII . buy mobile in malaysia Reform that sought the creation of a single state market under the same rules and equal taxation, as well as the establishment of a rational customs system free from the obstacles of the Old Regime system . buy mobile in malaysia Measures that were intended to favor the reactivation and promotion of the national economy, while providing financial resources to the State.

It will be on November 8, 1820 , when by means of Decree LXXXIII of the Cortes Generales , the establishment of customs and counter-registrations throughout the state was carried out. buy mobile in malaysia In the then province of Valencia (former Kingdom of Valencia and current Valencian Community) two customs offices were established: in the ports of Valencia and Alicante , enabled for foreign trade from where to import and export, as well as for trade with the viceroyalties. American people. And together with customs, a total of 10 customs counter-registrations The new customs system consisted of a double line: buy mobile in malaysia the first of customs ; the second of counter – registrations , located 4 to 5 leagues inside the first. System in which all imported or exported merchandise had to pass in reverse order through both facilities, in order to be considered legal for entering or leaving Spain. This double line sought a stricter control of all foreign trade to buy mobile in malaysia avoid smuggling and commercial traffic outside the law, while increasing tax collection and financial resources of the State.


Elda , due to its location on the Camino Real , already on the border cmo email list with the old province of Murcia (Sax and Villena) was one of the towns chosen for the establishment of one of these internal counter-registrations of the Alicante customs, along with others in Alcoy, Rojales and Elche, in the current province of Alicante. buy mobile in malaysia The new customs system was difficult to implement throughout Spain due to their precariousness and lack of resources, in addition to being inconvenient for the legal trader. We know of a proposal of the Commission of Finance and Commerce of the Cortes Generales in 1821 for the modification of buy mobile in malaysia customs and the suppression of all counter-registrations. But everything was cut short at once by the absolutist reaction and the restoration of the Old Regime at the hands of the army of the ” buy mobile in malaysia One Hundred Thousand Sons of San Luis ” in 1823. All the liberal legislation of the triennium 1820-1823 was abolished.

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