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7 of the Most Shared and Emotionally Stirring Videos of 2013

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7 of the Most Shared and Emotionally Stirring Videos of 2013

Evokes Emotion As you watched each buy email contact list video, it made you feel something. Whether you found the Dove commercial to be inspirational. Kmart’s commercial to be hilarious or the Ram Trucks’ Super Bowl commercial to be touching, each video evoked some sort of emotion, which is what makes them highly shareable. Think about the last video you shared. Did you share it because it was so touching you wanted all of your followers to feel what you felt? Or did you share it because you couldn’t stop watching it because it was just that funny? Without stirring sentiment, the probability of your video being shared is unlikely. It doesn’t matter if you’re tugging on the heartstrings or if you want people to fall off their chairs in a fit of laughter, the key to a highly shared video is to make people feel.

Evokes Emotion

Although some of the stories are more CMO Email List abstract, like the Evian babies and the Miami Heat’s Harlem Shake, from the beginning to the end, we are taken on a journey. The Pepsi Max and Budweiser commercials do an exceptional job of telling a story. Where the Pepsi Max commercial takes us through a celebrity prank, the Budweiser spot shows us the special bond between a horse and its owner, even after years of separation. People enjoy stories, especially visual stories; we love to listen, watch and connect with others. Creates brand awareness Instead of traditional, in-your-face marketing, the most shared videos of the year are effective in creating brand awareness through telling stories and evoking emotion.

Creates Brand Awareness

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While it’s clear these brands are trying to sell something, from water to beer, beauty products and sporting event tickets, they do it subtly. These videos focus less on selling and more on creating a culture around the brand. They want people to identify with their brand first, and then because of their loyalty and awareness, they want people to buy their products. Take the Ram Truck’s commercial, Ram has clearly identified their target audience as farmers and speaks directly to them. Not in a way to say every farmer needs a Ram, but more as an acknowledgement to their constant hard work and dedication to their choice of livelihood. Of course, the Ram is present in the commercial, but more as a symbol of its resilience and strength, just like the farmers.

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