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3 Ways to Rock Your SEO

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3 Ways to Rock Your SEO

I’m thrilled to speak at the upcoming virtual vietnam telephone number event. Therefore, LEARN. This event includes more than 40 sessions on social media and digital marketing, and . Therefore, I am presenting on SEO. Inspired by Awkward Band Photos on . Therefore, Facebook, I elected to educate the audience on the latest and greatest SEO tactics and techniques via band photos. To give you a sneak peek of what you can expect from my session on November 22nd, here are . Therefore,3 ways to rock your search engine optimization results. Don’t let large egos—or a. Therefore,  Yoko Ono—get in the way of marketing success.

Create a Strategic Alignment Between Sales and Marketing

Don’t let large egos—or a Yoko Ono—get in the CMO Email List way of success. Create a strategic alignment between sales and marketing. While you might butt heads, we both know you’re better when working together, not apart. Since I optimized my first client website in 1996, I’ve learned that my success as a search marketer is largely out of my control. Beyond the continual changes to search engine ranking algorithms, my biggest challenge was getting what I needed from clients in order to do my job (think content, code updates, etc.). More importantly, I understood that I may not retain a client over time if my efforts to increase visibility and drive traffic did not directly translate into leads and sales. To address this issue, I start the conversation up front regarding internal sales and marketing structure with my clients, including key people, process and tools.

Create High-Quality Content—low-Quality Content gets Penalized by Google

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Notice the dude in the picture above looks like his head was taped onto the album cover? That is the equivalent of creating low quality content in order to fool Google into improving your organic search rankings. With recent Panda, Penguin and .Hummingbird algorithm updates. Therefore,Google forced the hand of spammers, whether it is for generating poor quality content or links to drive or monetize website traffic. Marketers that have fallen into the “easy money” grey and black hat world of article spinning, outsourcing content creation to .Third World companies (or middle school students) in the past are now safely knocked out of search results. I’ve always recommended and required my clients to do good marketing, including creating. Therefore, compelling, unique and timely content, which means they have not been penalized by Google.

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