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25 years of the Anthem of Fallas

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25 years of the Anthem of Fallas

September 16, 1995 , 25 years ago today, the malaysia telephone directory residential hymn “Fallas de Elda” pasodoble compound was premiered by the young Octavio Peidró J. Padilla , who at 22 was commissioned by the Central Board Elda Fault for compose a piece dedicated to the Eldense Fire Festival. Elda was in Fallas, from September 14 to 17. After the awards were given to the different commissions, on Saturday 16 the traditional Cavalcade of the Ninot was held, malaysia telephone directory residential which ran through the main streets of Eldense from the Plaza de la Constitución to the gardens of the Plaza Castelar . Even without being aware of the historical moment they were going to live, malaysia telephone directory residential musicians, falleros and eldenses gathered there to attend an act with which the Fallas de Elda was endowed with one of its most powerful symbols: its own hymn.

In front of all the falleros participating in the cavalcade and other Eldenses until reaching an estimated 2,500 attendees , the 9 bands made up of about 400 musicians and under the direction malaysia telephone directory residential of maestro J. Peidró, as the author of the pasodoble, sang the first chords of the pasodoble. After the 3 minutes and 20 seconds of performance, the audience burst into applause as a sign of their immediate acceptance, malaysia telephone directory residential having to be repeated at the insistence and endless applause that demanded it. At the end of it, the president of the Central Board, Fernando Álvarez Sempere , presented a plaque commemorating the premiere of the piece to the composer


The hymn was provided with lyrics initially also composed by Octavio J. Peidro, cmo email list although later arrangements were made by the Central Board for a better vocal performance. However, that malaysia telephone directory residential pasodoble would take 16 long years to acquire official status and to take root in the heart of the Eldenses falleros. It will be from 2012 , under the presidency of Chelo Moya Máñez , when the definitive impulse is given for the pasodoble by malaysia telephone directory residential maestro Peidró to sound as an official piece and mandatory interpretation at the closing and culmination of all official Fallas acts. An example of that change was even the adaptation of the hymn for its interpretation by malaysia telephone directory residential musical collas, performed by the composer of the piece and which was premiered on November 9, 2013, during the ” Festival tribute to fallera music “, held at the Auditorium ADOC .

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